Virtual Service Desk

It is cost-prohibitive for most carriers to build and maintain an on-site operation to support their IT help desk needs. The cost of purchasing, customizing and maintaining help desk software tools packages in addition to the effort of recruiting and staffing an in-house team are as challenging as they are expensive.

A more affordable and practical alternative is to partner with Blue Cod who can customize an IT help desk service to meet your specific business and budget needs. As part of Blue Cod’s Managed Technical Services, we provide a Virtual Service Desk with technical support on your local computing environment at the end user- and systems-level. Delivered using a combination of phone and remote control tools, our Virtual Service Desk operation is available 24x7x365 to respond to your organization’s IT support calls. Acting as an extension of your in-house staff, Blue Cod’s experienced IT professionals quickly and efficiently address your server, desktop and network issues. Services include:

•  PC and network troubleshooting (i.e., network connectivity; general PC hardware diagnosis; printers, drivers and queues; and database connectivity)
•  Set up, configuration and synchronization-troubleshooting of mobile devices
•  Administrative tasks including: create user accounts, groups, mailboxes and distribution lists; reset passwords; unlock domain accounts; grant file/folder permissions and Microsoft Outlook setups
•  Antivirus scans and removal of spyware/malware
•  Automated IT management reports including ACD Statistics
•  Annual information technology review meeting
•  Software installations
•  File and folder restores