Network Assessment Services

When performed properly, network and security assessments can proactively uncover risks and prevent disruption to the performance or operation of your business. However, a thorough network assessment is a time-consuming process, involving a combination of tedious tasks including customer interviews, data collection, data analysis, report generation and recommendations.

Blue Cod uses industry-leading software to automate manual network and security assessments and produce free Risk Reports as well as periodic health checks of networks to uncover performance or operations issues. Services include:

  • Run full network and security assessments with no agents and no installs
  • Uncover network and security risks that can affect business operations and performance
  • Automated network assessment program
  • Produce comprehensive network assessment reports that include:
    – Risk Summary
    – Full Network Assessment
    – Network Site Diagram
    – Asset Detail Report
    – External Vulnerabilities Summary
    – Change Management Report