Business Continuity Services

Blue Cod provides complete end-to-end business continuity services that ensure the protection and recovery of critical business data stored on your local computing environments. Using industry-leading technology, Blue Cod provides continuous backup snapshots based on a highly configurable schedule and retention policy. Snapshots are instantly virtualized allowing the recovery of files, folders and data in minutes. All backed up data is also replicated in the cloud, enabling business continuity even in a disaster scenario. These services include:

•  Backup critical business data in highly-configurable snapshots that are stored as virtual (VMDK) images
•  Advanced de-duplication and compression capabilities to minimize disk space
•  Granular snapshot and retention policies that can be configured based on business requirements
•  Full cloud replication and instant off-site virtualization
•  All data is encrypted and stored in bicoastal SSAE 16 (SAS70) amd HIPAA-compliant data centers
•  Remote Monitoring and Management support for all protected servers and desktops