Policy Services

The Policy Processing department at Blue Cod Technologies is a team of highly skilled, seasoned professionals that understand insurance and can work with your agents, insured and lien holders directly. We can process all types of policy needs including new issuance, cancellations, changes, rescissions, reinstatements and can assist with underwriting services as well. Our staff treats your business needs as if it was our own business, working diligently to assist and complete all types of processes regarding personal lines, commercial lines, and whether it is auto or homeowners.
The range of Blue Cod’s Policy Services includes:

•  New Business
•  Endorsements
•  Cancellations, Non-Renewals, Renewals, Reinstates and Rewrites
•  Full messaging for all policy activity and diary use for exceptions
•  Outbound communication to agents and insureds, when applicable
•  Coordination with underwriting on exceptions and requests not in carrier guidelines
•  Out-of-sequence endorsement processing
•  Development of strict carrier-specific standard operating procedures for all processes
•  Guarantee to meet or exceed all contracted time and accuracy standards
•  Generation of compliant legal notices
•  Third party data services (e.g., ImageRight, POLK, Registry, ChoicePoint, among others)
•  Project-based work and testing
•  Web Portal for agents and adjustors
•  Business Consulting Services