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Business Processing

BPO Services

Delegate processes to our team of industry certified professionals, delivering strong ROI while saving time and resources. We offer Policy Services, Customer Services, Catastrophe Services, Claims Services, Underwriting Services and more.

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Information Technology Outsourcing

ITO Services

Let our IT framework manage your technology and assist in Business Automation, Application Development, Business Continuity, Virtual Desk Service, Network Assessments, Remote Management and Monitoring.

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A leader in the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry who partners with public insurance companies, smaller private carriers and government entities to provide strategic outsourcing services in many areas. Our primary focus includes policy issuance and maintenance, system support and rate changes. Blue Cod Technologies acts as your back office support to allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. We have very flexible product offerings and can help you save money, resources and time.

Why Blue Cod Technologies?

Let me first thank you for your interest in Blue Cod Technologies. As equity owner and Executive Chairman I want to provide insight on my commitment to any prospective partnership this may generate. Blue Cod Technologies has been the industry leader in providing back office services to the insurance industry for years. Status alone will not suffice in our future company. Our word and commitment is to continually invest in staff, technology and our partner the client. Blue Cod Technologies plethora of services will evolve as the challenges and market conditions alter. Allow us to partner with you in order to navigate this tempestuous environment. Words alone should not alter your decision on partnerships; our actions will provide you with that confidence.

Chairman of the Board Blue Cod
Daniel Frydenlund
Executive Chairman of the Board